Ipt Boiler water Alcalinity

Code 1003
Analysis Type Alcalinity
Kit Name Ipt Boiler water Alcalinity
Sensitivity 0,5 epm (on 10 ml)
Test Quantity 625 epm
Kit Contains – 1 bottle 25cc titrant Alcalinity epm

– 1 bottle 15cc indicator M

– 1 bottle 15cc indicator P

– 1 test tube 20cc

– use directions

Notes – The classic indicator (methylorange) has been replaced by our “indicator m”, which has a much better colour change at the end point.

– The method is suited for the analysis of phenolphthalein and methylorange alkalinity, preferably in water with high alkalinity, like boiler water

– For higher precision we recommend the HYDROCHECK kits.

Spare Parts – titrant alcalinity 1 epm, 6 bottles 25cc Code N° 3103

– titrant alcalinity 1 epm, 6 bottles 250cc Code N° 3104

– indicator M, 6 bottles 15cc Code N° 3003

– indicator P, 6 bottles 15cc Code N° 3004

– test tube 20cc, 10 Code N° 3310

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