HCK Colortest Chloride

Code 6108
Analysis Type Chloride
Kit Name HCK Colortest Chloride
Test Quantity
Optimal Measuring Range 0-1-2-5-10-20-40-80 ppm Cl-
Kit Contains – 1 bottle reagent ChlorideA

– 1 bottle reagent Chloride B

– 2 test tubes 20cc with stopper

– 1 measuring syringe for sample

– 1 color comparator

– 1 color scale

– instructions

Notes – Between 0 and 80 ppm the colorimetric method is more convenient than the titration

– to obtain a higher precision, the color comparator allows to compare the color between 2 test tubes containing the same water quantity.

– HYDROCHECK allows very simple and quick test to a low price

Accessories and refills REFILLS (same as for SPECTRATEST)

refill spectratest Chloride (Code 6424) contains:

– 3 bottles reagent Chloride A

– 3 bottles reagent Chloride B

– test tube 20cc, package 10 Code 3310

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