L’UVI LINE 9400 is the definitive choice for users who need an instrument of very high quality, with the possibility to measure also in the ultraviolet range.

It features the best available innovations in an instrument easy to use, accurate and powerful. Among the possibilities:  absorbance, multi-point concentration (from 0 to 10 standard), multi-wavelength, graphic calibration curve management, kinetics and spectrum scanning. Graphics manager (zoom, calculating the slope, Abs). It can store 100 methods, 30 graphics, 1000 results, and export/import them with a USB key. It can also be connected to a PC to semplify its use.

The user can choose between three different holders: 16-mm-round cells holder, 1-cm cuvette holder or universal cuvette holder (for cuvette from 5mm to 100mm).

This instruments is ready to measure in less then 3 minutes from switching it on, it has many options for customization beside a wide range of languages to choose from.



Wavelength 190 – 1100 nm
Light source Xeno
Band width 4 nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 1
Wavelength repetability ± 0,2 nm
Absorbance range -3 / 3,3 A
Absorbance resolution 0,001
Absorbance accuracy 0,3% or 0,003 Abs < 0,600 Abs
Stray Light < 0,1% to 220, 340 and 400 nm
Interface 1 USB-A / 1 USB-B / 1 RS232C
Operating temperature 10 – 35°C
Power supply 110 – 220 V
Dimensions (LxWxh) 404 x 314 x 197 mm
Weight 4 Kg
Cell holders 16 mm Tube and 5 to 100 mm Cuvette