L’Uvi-Line 8100 is an excellent spectrophotometer for those who need an instruments of great value and versatility with a limited investment.

It features the best available innovations in an instrument easy to use, accurate and powerful. Among the possibilities:  absorbance, multi-point concentration (from 0 to 10 standard), multi-wavelength, graphic calibration curve management, kinetics and spectrum scanning. Graphics manager (zoom, calculating the slope, Abs). It can store 100 methods, 30 graphics, 1000 results, and export/import them with a USB key. It can also be connected to a PC to semplify its use.

The user can choose between three different holders: 16-mm-round cells holder, 1-cm cuvette holder or universal cuvette holder (for cuvette from 5mm to 100mm).

This instruments is ready to measure in less then 3 minutes from switching it on, it has many options for customization beside a wide range of languages to choose from.


Wavelength 320 – 1100 nm
Light source Halogen
Band width 6 nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 2
Wavelength repetability ± 0,5 nm
Absorbance range -3 / 3,3 A
Absorbance resolution 0,001
Absorbance accuracy 0,5% or 0,005 Abs < 1 Abs
Stray Light < 0,1% to 340 nm (NaNO2)
Interface 1 USB-A / 1 USB-B / 1 RS232C
Operating temperature 10 – 35°C
Power supply 110 – 220 V
Dimensions (LxWxh) 404 x 314 x 197 mm
Weight 4,7 Kg
Cell holders 16 mm Tube and 5 to 100 mm Cuvette