The PASTEL Uvi-Line is an innovative instrument that allows to perform analysis also without reactive.

In mode “with reagents” it works as a standard UV-Vis spectrophotometer as good as UviLine 9400; in mode “without reagents” it can simultaneously  measure COD, BOD, SST, TOC, and the concentrations of nitrates and anionic surfactants: this saves a lot of time in respect to the standard analytical methods. This process is based on the spectral deconvolution that allows it to express quantitative and qualitative results about the analysed sample. This option is operational only in UV field and there are concentration limits beyond which the measurement can not be carried out. The time required for  the results is just 2 minutes.


Upper and lower limits in mode “without reagents”:

Total Suspended Solids (SST) 2,5 – 100 mg/L
Chemical oxygen demand (COD) 1 – 500 mg/L
Biological oxygen demand (BOD) 0,25 – 350 mg/L
Total Organic Carbon (COT) 0,5 – 300 mg/L
Nitrates (NO3-N) 0,025 – 25 mg/L
Anionic Surfactants 0,05 – 60 mg/L

This instruments is available with different holder: for 16mm round tubes, for 10mm square cuvettes or with an universal holder for 16mm round tubes, 10mm square cuvettes and 5 mm, 20mm,  50mm and 100mm rectangular ones.

Ready to use in less then 3 minutes from switching on, it has many options for customization beside a wide range of languages to choose from.



Wavelength 190 – 1100 nm
Light source Xeno
Band width 4 nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 1
Wavelength repetability ± 0,2 nm
Absorbance range -3 / 3,3 A
Absorbance resolution 0,001
Absorbance accuracy 0,3% a 0,003 Abs < 0,600 Abs
Stray Light < 0,1% a 220, 340 e 400 nm
Interface 1 USB-A / 1 USB-B / 1 RS232C
Operating temperature 10 – 35°C
Power supply 110 – 220 V
Dimensions (LxWxh) 404 x 314 x 197 mm
Weight 4 Kg
Cell holders 16 mm Tube and 5 to 100 mm Cuvette